Breaking News! Breakfast & Lunch Update…

Nutrition is important! iLEAD encourages healthy eating so learners feel their best with stamina and focus during their school day. With that in mind we are informing parents/guardians that breakfast and lunch will be served to those children who are hungry. We’ve discovered that many children do not bring snack, do not bring a healthy sustainable snack, eat their lunch (from home) for snack, or have simply lost their lunch and then are hungry at lunch and ask for a meal. There are also many learners who decide they want school lunch instead of what they brought. For all of these reasons our lunch team has been directed to serve the meal. Menus are posted on the information board by the front doors and are available to take home at your request. They will also be attached to the Monday Message. 
Meals will be charged to learners’ accounts and billed to parents. Pre-payments are encouraged and will be applied to their accounts. We accept cash, check, and cards at the desk. 
Full Price:

Breakfast $1.60

Lunch $2.75
Breakfast $.30
Lunch $.40
If you DO NOT want your child to receive a meal please inform the office staff immediately @ 661-722-4287 or email Brandy, our lunch coordinator, at brandy.leopard@ileadlancaster.org and we will note their accounts.
If you have done so previously then there is no need to do it again. This change will not apply to your learner(s). Please talk with your learner(s) about your decision as well. 


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iSUPPORT Meeting

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