Leader in Me Spotlight: Kimberly Etter

3 words that describe iLEAD





“why statement”

Why do I care what happens to the youth?



Why did I walk away from lucrative employment and choose a path to revolutionary learning in the Antelope Valley?



Why do I want to change the status quo in education?


As an educator and parent for over 30 years, I have witnessed the benefits of a learning environment that focuses on social-emotional learning, learners taking ownership, real life experiences, and personalized learning. Over the years, I knew parents needed more choices in education to better meet the needs of all learners. 

Children are natural learners. Young people thrive in a collaborative environment where they can experience freedom to pursue their passion and take ownership of their learning. When young people are given a rich environment, much like fertile soil for a garden, they flourish while becoming self-directed, life-long learners.

I believe we can come together as a community to create compassionate places of excitement and wonder that will encourage the transformation of everyone, including adults. I chose to be a part of iLEAD because we are doing just that.

How long you’ve been with us

Since September 2012


One word that describes yourself



Kimberly Etter
​Learning Studios Coordinator
iLEAD Exploration



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