Learning about iLEAD!

Introducing a new section of the Monday Message, where we’ll share insightful information about our school!

To build a strong, supportive community here at iLEAD, we need to understand one another. Watch this space every week, because we’ll be sharing information about iLEAD Lancaster’s vision, goals, curriculum, and the support we provide your learners. In addition, we welcome you to come to us with questions and suggestions as well. Here are some of the ways we’d like to connect with you: 

  • ED Talk: Monthly (watch for details in the Monday Message)
  • iSUPPORT: Monthly (watch the Monday Message)
  • Email: info@ileadlancaster.org
  • Call: 661-722-4287 (Monday-Friday, 7:30 am. to 4:30 p.m.)
  • Drop in: Anytime during school hours!


Our learners learn foreign languages and cultures, making them compassionate, open-minded world citizens.


Our learners practice for a lifetime of listening, collaborating, inspiring, and leading.

Entrepreneurial Development

Our learners work in teams, take risks, and learn from failure, which nurtures their ability to innovate and ignites their entrepreneurial spirit.


Our learners create and explore the world through artistic experience, enhancing all the subject areas.

Design Thinking

Our learners participate in project-based learning, leading to more meaningful experiences and deeper understanding.

Passive, lecture-based schools were created when the classroom consisted of merely four walls, rows of desks piled with textbooks, blackboards, chalk, and a teacher who stood in front of the class pouring out facts and figures for restless, bored students to memorize, be tested on, and quickly forget.

iLEAD Schools are based on a new paradigm: Project-Based Deeper Learning. At iLEAD Lancaster, we create open, fun multi-age K-8 learning environments that promote deeper understanding and celebrate independent critical thinking, cooperation, and the development of crucial 21st-century skills.

  • Collaboration & Sociability
  • Critical Thinking
  • Independence & Flexibility
  • Mastery of Technology
  • Confidence, Curiosity & Compassion
  • Communication & Creativity

iLEAD Lancaster provides a deep and lasting educational experience that prepares your learner for higher education and lifelong success!


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Social Emotional Learning

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