Monday Message for September 24, 2017

Grief in Our School Community

The following is a copy of an email sent to iLEAD Lancaster families on Friday, Sept. 22:

Hello iLEAD Lancaster,

It is with great regret that we inform you today was a very difficult and emotional day for our school community following the news of the death of a Middle School learner. We have taken the steps to ensure that our learners have someone to speak with. Today a grief team consisting of counselors and staff are in place to counsel and support our learners. They will continue to support learners and staff the following week and longer if needed. We are respecting the privacy of the family and will send out further information at a later date.

Your child may be coming home with questions and worries about this loss. Here are some resources that you may find helpful at this difficult time: Hello GriefGood Therapy.

If you think your child needs additional counseling support, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Warmest Regards,

Nykole Kent 
School Director
iLEAD Lancaster

Mark Your Calendar

(Please see the school calendar for more information)
  • Sept. 29-Oct. 1 – Streets of Lancaster on Lancaster BLVD
  • Oct. 5 – Save the date — Picture Day!
  • Oct. 7-8 – Bark in the Park, Steve Owen Memorial Park
  • Oct. 9-13 – Mid Fall Break – enjoy your week off! (October is “KIDS FREE” month in San Diego)
  • Oct. 14 – Laps4Literacy, CCRC Event at Lancaster Jethawks  — View video of last year’s event here
  • Oct. 22 – ALL iLEAD Amazing Race family day
  • Oct. 27 – Fall Festival 6:30-8 p.m.
  • Oct. 28 – BOOlvd on Lancaster BLVD
  • Oct. 31 – AM Costume Parade

Check out the details on some of these events (and more!) below:




Message from the Director

Hello iLEAD Families,

What an incredible couple of weeks we have had! I am so excited so see all of the learning and fun our learners have been experiencing. Two weeks ago we had our first iSupport meeting and I would like to thank all who participated. Many of you have expressed that you are interested in getting involved and iSupport is a great place to start. We do ask that each of our families contributes 40 hours a year of volunteer service to our school community and we try and make those hours easy to come by. Please join us for our next meeting on Nov. 14 at 6 p.m.

If you missed the recent iSupport meeting, the PowerPoint is available below:

iSupport Slideshow


We had our introductory meeting with our “Leader in Me” coach and we have been putting together our leadership team to support every stakeholder involved in our campus. Find out more about the Leader in Me here: As we develop our committees and leadership teams we are also interested in your feedback. Please complete the survey you were sent in Parent Square as soon as possible. The survey is also listed in the Monday Message (below) for your convenience. 

Last and most importantly for the safety of our learners, we have noticed a great many of you turning left into or out of our driveways. Please remember this is a traffic pattern disruption, a hazard to our learners and your vehicles, and may warrant a citation from local law enforcement. 

Thank you,

Nykole Kent
School Director
iLEAD Lancaster
254 E. Avenue K-4
Lancaster, CA 93535
(661) 722-4287

Traffic is a BEAST! This is how we slay…

Hello parents! We encourage the use of VALET for all drop-off and pickup for safety reasons. K-4 is a busy commerce street and we value the safety of our learners! Remember, if you are not using valet, all children should be walked to the front door by their parent/guardian. Learners without a chaperone will warrant a call home.

  • No learners will be released without a valet card and proper ID.
  • Please always enter our lots via driving eastbound on K-4, DO NOT turn left into our driveways and always pull as far to the right (curb) as you can get when using the valet line. PLEASE PULL TO THE CURB WHEN WAITING FOR VALET TO BEGIN. STAGGERING PICKUP PREVENTS A BACKUP DOWN AVENUE K-4. Blocking traffic is illegal Please DO NOT park in our neighbors’ lots — your vehicle will be towed.
  • Be very mindful when choosing where to park when visiting our campus for any reason. If you need to drop off your learner and valet is over, please park and walk your learner in. Learners without a parent cannot be properly checked in late.
  • Please do not double park or pull up and let your learner out in front of the school, ever. It is very dangerous.
  • Please remember that our neighbors are very supportive of our site — despite the impact we have on their daily operations — and that all of our neighbors love iLEAD. Let’s show them the same support by parking in iLEAD parking lots ONLY as well as not blocking driveways and always yielding to our neighbors when using valet.


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our learners and your vehicles safe!

Empower Generations Diaper Drive

You can bring your donations to iLEAD Lancaster!

Empower Generations Website

Monday Message

Did you know that there may be multiple pages of the Monday Message you are missing every week by not scrolling to the bottom? Now also available: PDF’s of the Monday Message in the front office by noon on Monday. We are working on a Spanish version — please let us know if this is something you would like to earn volunteer hours for.

Please let us know how we can help you stay informed. Email Kristan with your ideas.

We’re Looking for Your Reviews

Do you LOVE your school? Have you had a fun experience with a staff member? Has someone left a positive impression on you or your learner? Visit this link to leave us a great review so more people know how your family fits within our iLEAD community.

Attention Parents: Learner Information and Registration

1) Parent Square – Download the app to your smart phone for free and get instant alerts

2) Monday Message – Sign up and read the weekly message for upcoming events and opportunities.

3) iSupport – Get involved and help make change! Join iLead’s version of PTA. We need you! Learn More

4) Website – Check out the iLEAD website for a calendar of important dates.

If you have not filled out your learner’s registration in person or in Pathways, please contact 661-722-4287 immediately.

We’re a ‘Leader in Me’ School

You may have seen the banner hanging up on campus — DID YOU KNOW? We are a Leader in Me school! As we begin the “Leader in Me” journey, we ask that our families please fill out the following this week so we can better understand and map our growth.


We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Champions Updated Pricing

Champions has heard your feedback and is responding with new pricing. Please contact Champions directly for more information or with any questions. We are passing this info onto you for them.

Download Flier

Save the Date! Join Team iLEAD for ‘Amazing Race’ on Oct. 22!

iLEAD Schools’ 3rd annual Amazing Race will be Sunday, Oct. 22. This all iLEAD Schools event is fun for all ages, and a great way to connect with other iLEAD Schools families. See next week’s Monday Message for more details!


Innovation Studios Corner

Workshop Schedule

Miss Back 2 School Night?

For any families that missed Back 2 School Night, you can email Ms. Wampler for a copy of the presentation. 

Ms. Johnstone and Mrs. Wampler will continue ILP meetings this week. If you have not received an invitation to sign up please contact your learner’s guide immediately.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Yoga 9-9:30 PE w/ Coach Ralph


All 10th Grade Workshop

For Personal Project


Yoga 9-9:30

Literacy Bootcamp 9-9:30

Literacy Bootcamp


PE w/ Ralph:


(10 seats)

Social Studies Workshop


Social Studies Workshop


Science Workshop:


PE w/ Ralph


(10 seats)

Science Workshop


Independent Projects


Yoga 12-12:30 Foreign Language Cafe


Yoga 12-12:30
Integrated Math I


Integrated Math II and III


Independent Projects


Integrated Math I


Daily Schedule


9th Grade 10th Grade* 11th Grade* 12th Grade*
Everyday Tuesday, WednesdayThursday Tuesday & Wednesday Wednesday

* Learners are encouraged to come everyday, unless they have other academic appointments, such as internship, service learning, etc. The above are mandatory. 


We are asking all learners to bring a 1″ binder.


Parents/guardians, you can find our Innovation Studios Playbook using this link.  It will guide you through your kiddo’s journey in our wonderful program. 

Park Days: Learn About iLEAD Home Study

Do you need to take a break and unwind from your busy day-to-day homeschooling schedule? This is a great networking opportunity to meet other homeschooling families and build a support system. Parents can collaborate informally while their children socialize and play together…What a ‘Win-Win’!
Every Tuesday at 11 a.m.
George Lane Park
5520 W Ave L8, Quartz Hill, CA 93536

Leader in Me Spotlight: Kristan & Josh Van Houten

Why iLEAD?  

As parents of four iLEAD Learners: Pre K, 1st, 4th and 5th, we wake up each morning with the relief that our learners have found their tribe. They feel challenged, supported, smart, loved, nurtured and valued. We know every day will be a good day because they are learning to fail, learning the skills to control their own happiness, pursue their educational and personal passions. What a joy!

We remember the dinner table homework battles, the tears on the way to school, and the disappointed faces at the pickup line. We remember the parent-teacher emails that always ended with, “I just have too many kids to focus on him, advanced work won’t begin for a few more years” and the pile of same-looking worksheets that didn’t challenge our little guy that he said he also finished in class. He remembers the schools; the bullying, the switching from one class to another then from one school to another, and finally one district to another…with the same results. By first grade he hated school — first grade! We remember my daughter and her fear for her safety in kindergarten. The calls from the nurse because she faked sick so I would come pick her up. These memories of our first experiences with school are the only WHY we need.  

What a change. When we came to iLEAD we knew within minutes of exiting the pickup line –seeing School Director Lynn Boop’s smiling face reminding us to turn right out of the driveway, and the squeals of excitement coming from the back seat-that we had found a new kind of happy. We enjoyed hearing about the different hands-on experiences our learners were having each day. At our first presentation of learning, I cried. What amazing things our kids can accomplish when they are told they can do and be anything. What we didn’t know was that we too, would learn this truth and as adults would find our new purpose.

My background is in community relations and office management, and Josh came from 15 years as a sheriff’s deputy serving as a school resource officer. We fell so in love with the changes iLEAD had made in our learners’ lives that we just had to be more involved. Using the “7 Habits” principals and “Love and Logic” at home has helped us to grow our relationship with our children, each other, and our friends and extended family.

Looking back, we never thought we would both be part of the iLEAD family as employees but what we’ve realized is we are both just modeling pursuing passions for our children. We too have found our tribe. Some of our very best friends are many of you reading this right now. I have been on staff for four years and Josh for two, and we are truly looking forward to being here when we have a school in every community. I am a member of the marketing team and am the community outreach coordinator for the Antelope Valley area. Josh is part of our facilities team for iLEAD Schools Development and helps develop and implement our safety plans and trainings. We are an ALL IN, iLEAD family and we couldn’t be happier to be a small part of this paradigm shift in education!

One word to describe me – Charismatic

One word to describe Josh – Industrious

Learner Spotlight: Jean Nasser

Jean Nasser, an Innovation Studios high school learner,  is a working actor, director and writer who obtained his first milestone as a director at the young age of 14, with his short “Oliver.” His second short, “FLYTRAP,” has already been screened on several film festivals including Peekskill, NY, and the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. His love for the arts started since he was a little boy, and at the young age of 8, he started taking acting classes. At 10, he participated on the IMTA NY, Winning first place under the monologue category, plus eight medals in every other category.

Follow Jean’s adventures here:

Do you have a learner who is shining in their community? Email with their school name and what they are doing to make a difference.

About Those Heelys…

We’ve seen an influx of Heelys on campus. Learners are zipping along the halls and on the play spaces. While we LOVE fun and seeing our learners enjoying themselves, we have to ask that they don’t use the wheels while at school. Please understand this is a safety concern for learners and staff. We want to prevent accidents and keep everyone safe. Heelys brand shoes can be worn, — just please remove the wheels for school.

General safety guidelines also include no skateboards or bicycles being ridden on campus; they must be carried and walked.

Thank you for your understanding and support!