iLEAD Lancaster Charter School Culture: Real-World Experiences

iLEAD Lancaster Charter School

Consider this for a moment: What would be an ideal way to learn about flight and all that it involves? Do textbooks, lectures, and maybe a few videos help learners gain a firm grasp and understanding of the concepts? 

What if, instead, kids could learn about the magic of flight through hands-on experiments in the classroom, logging time with flight simulators, seeing a glider up close on campus — and culminating their studies with an actual glider flight

At iLEAD Lancaster, learners have the opportunity to do just that through our partnership with a local soaring academy, and it’s just one example of how iLEAD Lancaster embraces real-world experiences as a way for kids to fully immerse themselves in the learning process.

Particularly in light of how we emphasize 21st-century skills and preparing learners for the work world, tangible experiences help elevate the learning process.

Other examples include our DreamUp to Space challenges, where teams of learners have come up with scientific research projects that successfully launched to the International Space Station for testing, or living history programs where learners re-create scenes from history.

Real-world experience is at the heart of what can make project-based learning (PBL) truly exciting, challenging, and rewarding for learners. When PBL is infused with real-world experiences, learners develop crucial skills while they’re still in school. Additionally, these experiences can provide learners with deeper insights into career areas they may want to pursue. Furthermore, kids find that their success isn’t defined merely by a grade but by the experience they gain through the process.

Finally, learning that incorporates real-world experience helps learners become familiar with professional environments. Besides learning the subject content, learners develop skills crucial in the work world, including clear and timely communication, thinking critically, problem-solving, and time management. 

As part of a well-rounded PBL curriculum, real-world experiences are essential to iLEAD Lancaster’s mission to help kids be free to think and inspired to lead.


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