Leader in Me Spotlight: David Williams

3 words that describe iLEAD: family, trailblazers, people builders

My why: My “why” is my family. My family will always be the most important aspect of my life. It drives me. It gives me motivation. It’s the reason I set goals. It helps me become a better person, coach, facilitator and leader. By keeping this focus , I ensure that I will continue to grow in all aspects of my life and who I am. It helps me utilize the skills I develop in every aspect of my life, including work. I am nothing more than an amalgamation of pieces and influences that I have picked up from individuals who have inspired me throughout my life. By keeping an open mind and being willing to learn new things, I continue to grow and develop new talents and skills.

How long have I been here: This is the third year I have been @ iLEAD.

One word that describes me: I really can’t give myself a word to describe myself. Myself, myself, myself. Anyway. I asked a few of my fellow iLEADers and here is what I was told:

  • Soothing
  • Selfless
  • Calm and collected
  • Driven


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