Submit Your Family’s Intent to Return for the 2021-22 School Year!

iLEAD Lancaster learner re-enroll


It has been an incredible school year, and we are looking forward to your child(ren) continuing this journey with iLEAD Lancaster. We will be offering grades TK-8 for the 2021-2022 school year.

We would like to plan early for the next school year. Please take a moment to complete the Intent to Return form to save your learner’s place in class or to inform us that your learner will not be returning. There is a space to mark this as your choice. This form is due by February 19, 2021.

If there is a sibling who will be attending iLEAD for 2021-2022, indicate this on the form. You will need to submit an Intent to Enroll (online form available soon) by March 5, 2021. In accordance with our charter, any sibling listed on this form will be automatically placed in a class or, if a spot is not available, given priority status for the upcoming school year upon receipt of all registration documents.

At a later date, instructions will be provided for completing registration requirements for returning learners and new siblings.

Thank you for choosing iLEAD Lancaster Charter School for your child’s educational journey!


Please note: If this form is not completed by February 19, we will not be able to guarantee your child’s placement and he/she will have to go through the lottery process with all other prospective applicants.


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