Monday Message for February 11, 2019

Upcoming Events

Thursday 2/14: Happy Valentine’s Day

Friday, 2/15: Parents Night Out, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Monday 2/18: Presidents’ Day – NO SCHOOL

Mon-Fri 2/19-22: Spirit Week!

Tuesday 2/19: 101 Days of School — Dalmatian Day!

Friday 2/22: Food Pantry on campus 12-1 p.m.

Saturday 2/23: Dancing Feet Ballroom Competition, 11 a.m. 5th grade; 2 p.m. 6th-8th grade

Looking ahead:

KONA Ice Returns: March 1st 11 a.m. to noon

Kinder Round Up: March 4th and 18th, 4:30-5:30 p.m. and 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Parents, We Need You

Parent volunteers are an important component of our school community.  iLEAD Lancaster asks each family to volunteer 40 hours per school year in any way you can. No contribution is too small! To volunteer on campus, you simply need to complete a TB questionnaire (available at the front desk) and sign in. To chaperone Field Studies, you must submit a Live Scan, as well. Parents and guardians are also needed for our iSUPPORT parent volunteer group. We are all happy to have you on campus with us showing support for our staff and learners!

Kinder is in need of volunteers every day! They hold groups for just an hour, from 10-11 a.m., and the learners could really use your help! Please contact Kinder Kim directly, through email at, or send a message through the office!

First grade also needs volunteers to help with project time! Contact or send a message through the front office to coordinate a time.

Questions? Please send an email to our Office Manager, Christy Monroe at, or our iSUPPORT Chair, Patricia Margosian Terrell. Connect with her on Parent Square’s iSUPPORT page.

Personalized Bears for our Book-in-Hand Project

Get a personalized bear for $10 and all the profits will go to our Book-In-Hand Project! We have been able to provide 150 books for our kiddos so far with these bears! Let’s keep the momentum going. Thank you so much for your continued support. Email to order yours while supplies last!

We Need Volunteers

Are you interested in learning how to positively impact our school community by volunteering to booth at outreach events? If you LOVE iLEAD, please email

A Few Reminders

Parent Square: Download the app to your smartphone for free and get instant alerts.



iSupport: Get involved and help make change! Join iLEAD’s version of PTA. We need you! Click to learn more.

Parent University: Love and Logic

Join for us a 4-week parent/educator course on Love & Logic. 

Download (PDF, 134KB)

Parents Night Out

Even parents need some time to Sharpen the Saw (Habit #7). In effort to give back to our families, we welcome you to bring your child or children to our Parents Night Out event, on Friday, Feb. 15, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. For $10 per learner, you can enjoy 2 hours of your time while your learners enjoy activities and a movie. We will be watching The Lion King and doing jungle-themed activities.

Not only is this just in time to enjoy Valentine’s Day weekend, but this is a fundraiser for our school so it’s a win-win! You will be able to enjoy a great date night, dinner with friends, or some quiet time to yourself AND donate to your learner’s school.

We hope to see your learners for a fun night here at iLEAD Lancaster!

Please sign up your learners through the front office or email

Congratulations to our Makery Program

Congratulations to our Makery Program! Recently, Director Nykole Kent and Mr. Robert accepted an award for our Makery program here at iLEAD Lancaster, in recognition of an outstanding program in DESIGN THINKING.

  • The Lancaster Makery has been a cornerstone of  iLEAD Lancaster’s program. The Makery focuses on promoting innovation through design. Learners use the Makery to support the projects that they participate in. Each year,  learners in the makery participate in the 2×4 project — where they design a product using only a 2×4.
  • Learners in the Makery Design Tech program have also created video games, including the actual casing and the wiring to play multiple games.
  • A team of ambassadors from the Makery Design Tech program have done presentations for civic organizations. Local businesses have also donated materials and funds to redesign and organize the entire Makery, which will  enable more productivity.

For their Design Thinking and Project-Based Focus, iLEAD Schools was excited to present this award to Nykole Kent and Mr. Robert Hutson and the Makery of iLEAD Lancaster!

Little Makers, We’ve Got the Club for You

Your learners can now join Mr. Robert in the Makery to build their own projects. From 3:30-5 p.m. on Mondays the Little Makers Club will be open to learners that want to express their creativity through woodworking. The opportunity is open to all grades! The first 12 learners that sign up and submit a permission slip will be in the first 6-week session. See Mr. Robert in the Makery. 

In Little Makers Club, learners will learn about the processes of building different things. From drafting out the project to putting it together, they will create with their own hands. The first project is to design and make their own clock. This project will cost $25. So come and join Mr. Robert to learn new skills and have some fun!

Questions? Pease email

Curious About the Makery? Check Out This Short Video!


Inside the iLEAD Lancaster Makery from iLEAD Schools on Vimeo.

Ballroom Dance Competition

Our ballroom dancers have a competition on Saturday, Feb. 23rd. Stay tuned for details to come regarding location and ticket prices. They would love to hear you cheering for them, and to join in the fun with some audience participation and group dancing!

11 a.m.: 5th grade competition

2 p.m.: 6th-8th grade competition

Single Mothers Group

Calling all single moms: Please join us for our weekly It Takes a Village women’s group, on Tuesdays from 4-5 p.m. We have tutoring for school-aged children and babysitting for the little ones. If you have any questions, please contact Ajia Gutman at (661) 722-4287. We hope to see you there!

Download (PDF, 893KB)

5 Must-Know Facts About Asthma

Nurse Noemi wants to share some information regarding asthma… Look for helpful health updates regularly!

  • You may not always be able to tell when your child has asthma.

There are some classic signs associated with asthma, which are shortness of breath and wheezing. Some children only have a continuous cough that gets worse at night. Although asthma symptoms usually appear before the age of 5, they are often mistaken for a respiratory illness such as the common cold, reflux, croup, or bronchitis. Another diagnostic challenge is that episodes can be sporadic. To get diagnosed, your child’s pediatrician may refer you to an asthma specialist. That doctor may conduct a breathing test called spirometry, which measures how much air is coming in and out of your child’s lungs. Your child’s medical history as well and family history of asthma and allergies, all factor into a diagnosis.

  • Allergies can play a role. 

Allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, mold, and pollen, often trigger asthma attacks. Up to 80 percent of children with asthma also suffer from allergies. Environmental allergens such as blooming trees, grass, weeds, and flowers typically are the blame, but up to 70 percent of children with eczema will develop the disease. Although it is rare, some food allergens have been known to trigger asthmatic episodes.

  • Gender as well as genetics increase your child’s risk of asthma.

Experts are not sure why some children develop asthma, but there is a 30 percent chance that your child will develop asthma if one parent has the condition. If both parents have the disease, it more than double the chances to 70 percent. Also, more boys than girls are diagnosed with asthma.

  • Asthma is a lifelong condition.

Asthma is a chronic condition that never really goes away. There is a possibility of an asthma episode even if the symptoms subside. Studies found that as many as 1 in 5 children may go into remission, meaning no wheezing or need for an inhaler, by the age of 19. Experts aren’t sure why, but remission is less likely in kids that develop allergies to certain pets such as cats, dogs, and horses as well as birch trees by the age of 8.

  • Back-to-school time can mean trouble.

More than 80 percent of asthma attacks in children are caused by viral infections, such as colds and influenza (flu). A child’s chances of catching a virus increase more when he or she is around sneezing and coughing classmates. Up to a quarter of all children that are hospitalized for asthma attacks are admitted in September. This phenomenon is known as the “September epidemic.” Your child’s physician should provide the school with an asthma action plan that will cover the medications that need to be kept at school, a list of things that trigger or worsen your child’s asthma, and a list of emergency contacts.

For more information about asthma please click here

Registrar’s Corner

Hi iLEAD Families! Welcome back to the Registrar’s Corner.

As you may know, we hold a lottery every April to determine spots for new learners who will attend our school for the next school year. As a returning learner, your child’s spot is reserved as long as an Intent to Return form is submitted on time. The Intent to Return forms were sent home on February 4th, and are due back to the front office by Friday, February 15th. Please submit the form so that we save a spot for next year, or to notify us if they will not be returning next year. If any additional siblings are enrolling for the 2019-2020, they should be listed on the Intent to Return form and a new Intent to Enroll form needs to be submitted for them. New siblings will receive sibling priority and will be reserved spots before the lottery takes place, as long as a spot is available for them. If no spot is available, the sibling will be placed towards the top of the waitlist with sibling priority. Note: (CORRECTION) Kinder enrollment requires that the child turns 5 on or before September 1, 2019. TK enrollment requires that the child turns 5 anytime from September 2nd-December 2nd, 2019. TK enrollment is a 2-year program; meaning the next year they will be in Kindergarten.

Did you know that we are now accepting intent to enrolls for the 2019-2020 school year? You can fill one out in the Front Office or by clicking here.

Download (PDF, 212KB)

Help Support Innovation Studios

Innovation Studios Middle School is showing some love and nourishing our taste buds! Help them with their fundraising by purchasing popcorn snacks!

From February 1st-13th, you are invited to purchase Goody Bag Grams and Flower Grams for your friends, yourself, or even your parents!

Download (PDF, 1.62MB)

Download (PDF, 51KB)

February Lunch Menu

Download (PDF, 180KB)

Early Arrivals

Early arrival: If your learners arrive before or at 7:45 a.m., they should either be eating breakfast or be signed up with Champions for before-school care (click here). Learner arrival time is 8 a.m.  

Let Us Know What You Think!

Do you LOVE your school? Have you had a fun experience with a staff member? Has someone left a positive impression on you or your learner? Visit this link to leave us a great review so more people know how your family fits within our iLEAD community.

Spotlight a Learner

Do you have a learner who is shining in their community? Email with their school name and what they are doing to make a difference. We want to share with our school community the difference-makers on our campus!

Exploration – Home School: Lancaster Park Day

Join us for iLEAD Exploration Lancaster Park Day, Tuesday, February 26, from 11 a.m. to noon at George Lane Park,
5520 W Ave L8 in Quartz Hill.

This is an opportunity for parents to connect with other homeschool parents in a informal, relaxing setting while learners build friendships through play and interaction!

Feel free to bring your favorite outdoor sports equipment (soccer ball, football, etc…) for some fun “learner-led” games!
RSVP with your EF.

2019 Park Day Schedule- (Tuesdays 11 a.m. to noon, and same location): March 26; April 9; May 14; June 11.

Exploration – Home School: Family Facebook Page

We have created a NEW Facebook community page that we can use as a POSITIVE and HELPFUL communication source! This is a closed and secure group and will have regular posts of new updates and happenings in the homeschool world. You can also reach out to other parents for fun curriculum ideas, community activities, and whatever else is related to making your learners’ learning experience as fantastic as possible! We want you to stay current with the latest information while building community. Just another great resource to add to your “teacher toolbox!”

If you are interested, use your Facebook account and just type in “iLEAD Lancaster Exploration Families” in the search bar to request to join, and an iLEAD staff member will approve you. It’s that easy!

Exploration – Home School: New Studio Classes & Tutoring

Studio classes are offered to home study learners exclusively to explore a variety of academic topics! We will start each 6-week session with a thematic topic and guide the learners to explore multiple aspects of it. This will include a fun activity, a group discussion, and individual guidance from the Educational Facilitator (EF). During each session, EFs will provide materials, mini-lessons, activities, guidance, and expertise on an as-needed basis to support each learner with their thematic project. Parents will be updated on how they can support at home, if needed. By the end of each session, the learners who engage with the available resources will provide evidence of their growth that is related to an authentic experience!

Cost: Studio Class prices have been discounted to only $75 each per 6-week session.

Need Tutoring Help?

Sign up for any 5th-8th grade tutoring session and work one-on-one or in a small group with a qualified, credentialed teacher. This is a great way to complete work samples to turn into your EF at your monthly Learning Period (LP) meetings. Use your school stipend to cover the individual tutor sessions at only $13 for 1 ½ hours each or sign up for all five sessions for $65. Space is limited, so sign up now to reserve your spot. Be sure to bring all needed supplies and homework with you!

Studio classes are offered every Wednesday from 10-11:30 a.m. on the following 6-week session schedule:

Session #3: January 16 – February 20

TUTORING: February 27

Sesson #4: March 6 – April 10

TUTORING: April 24

Session #5: May 1 – June 5


All sessions include an optional Lunch Alive! period from 11:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

To sign up, submit your VCI order request form to your EF and indicate the Session # and/ or Tutoring dates.

Exploration – Home School: Blended Classes

Mix and Match! Sign up for both the Studio Experience and/or blended classes. Blended classes are individual, 30-minute sessions that are not designed as a “drop-off” day. Classes are held in on-campus classrooms by grade level and are integrated with both on-campus and home-study learners. This gives learners the opportunity to gradually build stronger social skills as they interact with their peers during short collaborative sessions.

Classes are only $45 each per 9-week rotation schedule:


APRIL 1 – JUNE 14th

Ask your EF for specific dates/times offered by grade level class, then submit your request for any of the following blended class options:

  • Musical Theater
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Art
  • P.E.
  • Exploratorium (Computers)
  • Makery (Woodshop)

Exploration – Home School: Rockin’ Jump

Attention all homeschoolers! Rockin’ Jump has a special discounted Jump Time just for YOU! Every Thursday afternoon from 12-3 p.m. we invite our homeschool families to jump for only $10 per child for up to 3 hours! You may purchase tickets at the door or online by clicking here. Rockin’ Jump is located at 1301 W Rancho Vista Blvd Unit B, Palmdale.