iLEAD Lancaster 3rd Graders Design New Animals for Habitats

iLEAD Lancaster 3rd Graders Animals and Habitats POL 2024

Recently, the 3rd graders at iLEAD Lancaster showcased their creativity and critical thinking during a captivating Presentation of Learning (POL) guided by this driving question: “How can I use my knowledge of traits to design a new animal that can adapt to a different environment?” Learners embarked on an imaginative journey with enthusiasm and ingenuity. With a focus on biology and deepening learning in all core subjects, they explored various traits of animals and the process of adaptation. Using their vivid imaginations, they created fantastical creatures tailored to survive in diverse habitats. Through this process, the learners not only demonstrated their understanding of biological concepts but also honed their problem-solving skills and collaborative abilities. The POL was a celebration of their boundless creativity and a demonstration of the power of inquiry-based learning.


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