Letter from Your iLEAD Lancaster Counseling Team

mom hugs son

Hello, iLEAD Families!

In light of the sprinkler rupture February 16, the counseling team would like to ensure that all learners are aware of crisis counseling support. We understand that although everyone was safe during this emergency, the experience could have created challenging feelings. The impact of school crises varies for every learner and can have adverse effects on a person. Learners could have feelings of concern for themselves and others and/or have overwhelming feelings of fear or sadness. Others may feel preoccupied with flashbacks and thoughts about their actions during the event. We have extra counseling support available because of this specific event.

If you notice that your learner is having difficulty coming back to campus or has been experiencing signs of fear, sadness or a heightened sense of concern for safety, please reach out to your school counseling team.

Shaana Scott, School Counselor
Jose Gonzalaez, School Counselor
Kammy Bell, School Social Worker

You can also put in a counseling request here.


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